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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Chalk Boards

Do you want a chalkboard for your wall or inside a closet or cabinet. Chalkboard vinyl allows you a lightweight alternative, and it will not harm your wall or cabinet. These are adhesive backed and may be moved 2-4 times before they start losing their stickiness. I can cut them in any shape up to 11 1/2" x  10 feet. The shapes I have posted are to give you an idea of price; which is dependent on size. I can also cut you a custom vinyl embellishment, title or both for your vinyl chalkboard. Once again, the options are endless.

I do most business locally and prefer not to ship. If shipping is necessary, I will let you know the shipping cost before you finalize your order. It will be actual cost and depend on the size.

Contact me at to order.
What shape do you want yours to be?

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