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Stick Family Options

Stick families are a fun and affordable way to personalize your vehicle or just about anything around your house that you want to give a touch of personal flair. 

All stick families will be in white, exterior vinyl unless another color is requested or you indicate it will be used on an interior surface that cannot be damaged when removed.  In that case removable vinyl will be used.  I will do my best to accomodate requests for other colors.

Pricing on Stick Families:

Stick families are $3.00 per stick figure containing one head and one body.
Figures containing an element instead of a body for the bottom are $3.50.
Families using objects instead of stick figures will be $2.50 each for the objects included on this page.  Special request will be accomodated but may cost more.
Extra elements are $2 each. 
Letters for captions or names are a quarter per letter.  Lettering will be between 1" and 2 1/2" .(measured by size of largest capitol letter) and be to scale with your design.  You may specify script or block font.  If you have a particular font in mind all efforts will be made to accomodate that request, but no guarantees are made.
The figures themselves will be approximately 6" for the largest adult and be no smaller than 2-2 1/2" for small children and pets.

Here are a few ideas of ways to create your own customized stick family:

 Now, Make your own!

To create each figure first pick a head:

Then pick a bottom, whether it is a body:

Or a special element that says a little about you:

Use objects instead of stick figures to represent your family; here are a few ideas, or e-mail me with your own:

Finish it off with a caption either above or below.

WOW, there you have it, your own
personalized creation!!
See this post for details and how to order: